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Playboy coming to Second Life

This is out of control. This widespread epidemic of large companies entering the virtual world of Second Life is just, simply, insane. How long can Second Life actually last? Playboy has announced their entry into the virtual world of Second Life. This announcement makes dirty perverts around the world, us included, very excited. What happens in the Grotto, stays in ...

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Leaked screens of PS3 Home, sweet home

Sony has launched their beta of the social virtual world, PS3 Home. Home seems to be a lot more serious and developed then I ever thought it would be. Some things you can do while cruising around home is interact with your PSP, play mini-games, interact with other gamers, and of course, check out the view of a whole new ...

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NBA takes on Second Life

Do you got game? Do you at least have Second Life? Great. Good news for you. The NBA has officially opened shop on the popular social virtual world. The NBA launched its presence in the virtual world of Second Life this morning, following an in-world press conference yesterday that featured NBA commissioner David Stern making the announcement. Built out by ...

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