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Dante’s Inferno Just Keeps Looking Cooler and Cooler

Back in July we were lucky enough to see a developers preview of the Lust circle for the upcoming game, Dante’s Inferno. Now we’re getting a sneak peek of the seventh circle of hell, Violence. This game just keeps looking more and more epic. Do you think Dante’s Inferno will be a classic, a flop or somewhere in between? We’re ...

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Top 10 Reasons To Play Prototype

Remember the very first time you watched Terminator 2: Judgment Day and your jaw dropped the minute you saw the T-1000? I remember that day very well and it cemented my love for all things liquid metal. Prototype is a new next-gen console game due out this summer. It lets you take the role of some guy who can morph ...

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Smash Clock

ARE YOU ANGRY? PISSED OFF? TIRED? WANT TO GO BACK TO SLEEP? Well fuck work. This is the Smash Clock. Hit this fucking thing until it shuts up so you can go back to sleep. You’re probably hungover from Thursday night and don’t feel like doing any work, so this clock is perfect for releasing that pent up rage on. ...

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Concealable Knife And Blowgun For Ninjas

We all have enemies. That’s why Gearfuse posts a slew of weapons such as the WASP Knife and End Table Defense System. No, we don’t condone violence or the use of weapons for any other reason than self defense, but how can we resist with this $15 dollar concealable pocket knife with a folding blowgun attached to it? Simply put: ...

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5 Games That Never Saw The Light Of Day

The video game industry comes up with a lot of crap. But now and then, there comes a game which everyone holds their breathe for, anticipating its release like a child on his birthday waiting for gifts. Then the inevitable shoot down, when you realize all you’ve gotten for a whole year of being a spoiled brat is a lousy ...

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Hack Your Wiimote Into A Colt 45: You Feeling Lucky, Punk?

Violent Wii players are having a good week. First there was the gaming console that can be thrown at shit, than there was the Wii Nurf Blaster, and now we offer you another cozy ditty of violence and mayhem. This DIY project turns your Wiimote into a pretty nice looking pistol, which is sure to add a realistic edge ...

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