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Design Your Own Viewmaster Slides And Master Your View

So you’re still in love with your Viewmaster, but the 4 slides you’ve been ogling over the last 20 years are starting to wear thin on your attention. Image3D provides the service of allowing you to create your own slides to admire. For $10 a slide, the price isn’t too bad, though the minimum order is 10 slides, so you’ll ...

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Detatched Viewfinder For Detached Photographers

One of the things that holds back most D-SLR cameras is the lack of a built-in on-screen viewfinder. We still have to rely on having the camera right up by our face to snap a shot. The Zigview S2 Digital Viewfinder lets you control the shutter and see what your shooting from a distance. As long as you have a ...

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WYSIWYG Translucent Cellphone concept

Don’t you hate that cellphone cameras always have a way of not capturing what you want them too? This WYSIWYG design concept phone might just be the key to ending camera phone woes. Sporting a totally translucent body, the WYSIWYG phone’s viewfinder is completely see-through, producing a no-hassle snapshot capability. Whatever is in the frame of the viewfinder is what ...

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Ditch that DSLR viewfinder with the Zigview S2

It’s one of the sacrifices that must be made to be a full convert to the DSLR ways: losing the live LCD preview. Using a DSLR means looking through the viewfinder, unless you are so talented that you can perfectly place your subjects in the right frame without even looking at a preview. If that is you, then you don’t ...

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