HTC RE: A Remote Camera Without a Viewfinder

This is awesome.

While yes, it is true, most modern smartphones have higher performing cameras then most point-and-shoots of yore, they still have their issues.

For one, they can’t shoot underwater. Two, they require time. Before you know it the moment is over, and you’ve missed out on capturing it for all eternity.

The HTC RE is an ultra-portable, remote camera that captures HD video and photos without the need of your phone or the obstacles it requires.

You pull the HTC RE from your pocket and press the button. That’s it. It’s waterproof and super adaptable with WiFi, Bluetooth and a microUSB adaptor. The viewfinder-less interface also provides an interesting new take on photography.

The RE shoots 16 MP CMOS pics and records in 1080p HD format with a 30 fps frame rate.



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