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Leadertone’s GPS3000 looks for great success at CES

The new GPS3000 by Leadertone is set to be shown off at CES, and boy does it have some showing off to do. This GPS navigator is actually more than just a GPS; its a media powerhouse. Its capable of playing videos (WMV, ASF, and AVI), music, (WMA9, MP3, and WAV), and pictures (JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG). A very ...

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O’Neill H3 Series Video Backpack: look, no hands!

Do you ever have one of those moments snowboarding that were just amazing, but when you get back to the lodge to brag to your friends about it, no one believes you? Well O�Neill allows you to get your bragging rights back with the H3 Series Video Backpack. This backpack for the action sport enthusiast is first off perfect for ...

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