O’Neill H3 Series Video Backpack: look, no hands!

o'neill h3 series video backpack

Do you ever have one of those moments snowboarding that were just amazing, but when you get back to the lodge to brag to your friends about it, no one believes you? Well O’Neill allows you to get your bragging rights back with the H3 Series Video Backpack. This backpack for the action sport enthusiast is first off perfect for those who like to hit the slopes hard because this backpack can take a beating. Now the part that allowed it to be posted here is its video recording capabilities. This backpack is decked out for filming your gnarly jumps and hilarious wipe outs…on the bunny hill. Included with the pack is a micro lens which connects to you camcorder inside the backpack and can be attached to your goggles or headgear. This is great because now you don’t have to carry your bulky camcorder around; in fact, you don’t have to hold anything at all, which is perfect for those you just can seem to make it down the mountain without “eating some snow.” One more nice thing about using this in the mountains is that you never have to expose your hands to the intense cold because there are controls right on the strap. At $317, it’s a little expensive for a backpack, but hey, if you’re friends never believe you (why would they), then maybe it would be best for you to get this to prove them wrong (or right in your case). — Nick Rice

O’Neill H3 Series Video Back Pack [Tech Digest]

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