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Writing Ball Typewriter: The Curvy Steampunk Word Processor

The Malling-Hansen Writing Ball was originally unveiled in 1867, featuring a keyboard layout which has long since been buried in the depths of time. Did you know that QWERTY keyboards were originally designed to deter typewriter users from overburdening the keyboard with speedy typing, which would, in turn, jam the keys? But who cares. The star of the show is ...

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Sir Spudnik: The Steampunk Mr. Potato Head

Inspired by a craft swap project which encouraged the use of dual mediums, New York artist Sarita Maria decided to take the classic Mr. Potato Head toy and recreate him in the image of Sir Spudnik, Potato Head’s Victorian counterpart. But Maria didn’t just design a steampunk variation, she literally covered an actual Mr. Potato Head toy in metallic or ...

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Steampunk Organ Computer Will Play the Marriage Tune at My Wedding

When Megan Fox and I get married, I will demand only the best for our wedding. Which means this Steampunk Organ Computer will definitly be making an appearance. Sure, there might not be actual functioning pipes, but that’s nothing a little Pro Tools can’t fix. I can’t even say it doesn’t include a keyboard because HELLO, it’s got QWERTY. Everything ...

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Steampunk Menorah

I have a dream. A modest dream when compared to that of Martin Luther King Jr., but a dream nevertheless. I have a dream that one day I’ll be able to live in a home that is fully-designed in the Steampunk fashion. From floor to ceiling, this home would be decked out in Victorian/Sci-fi goodness. And don’t think I would ...

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Victorian Batman

Back when the bat-signal was still illuminated by candle light, a non-electronic wielding vigilante roamed the streets, hunting down such villains as Jack the Ripper. Marc Tan created this awesome piece titled “Gotham by Gaslight,” visualizing the image of Batman as seen through the eyes of 19th century Gotham. Link [via]

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Steampunk Cellphone

Built around a classic Nokia cellphone, this Steampunk Cellphone mod completes my universe. Complete with a leather and metal finish, this Steampunk-infused phone is almost too cool for words. Almost.

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