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Shake-Up Headphones For The Deaf

While most people won’t understand the use in creating a pair of headphones for the deaf, designer Pierre-Antoine Bouzard hears a different tune. In his latest design, Shake-Up, special headphones are worn by the user who’s deaf. Different tones and vibrations are then emitted in an attempt to let the user “feel” the music. And by “feel the music,” Bouzard ...

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Novint Falcon Mouse makes 3D touch possible for ultimate gaming textures

The Novint Falcon is a force-feedback mouse that pushes against your hand and uses vibrations to simulate texture. Designed to allow for a total 3D gaming experience by simulating different textures that might be used in the game. We see it as kind of a vibrating console controller like we see in Playstation controllers and alike. The Novint Falcon is ...

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Non-electronic cellphone alarm amp

More and more people are relying on their cellphones to get them out of bed in the morning. There are times where the volume on the cellphone just isn’t enough to pull you out of your slumber. This glass vessel amplifies the vibrations and directs the sound of the alarm directly into your ear hole. Something like this should definitly ...

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