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Mo’ Urban Headphones From The Family Doc

Remember the Toshiba A2DP headphones? Those were tight, right? Wrong! They’re missing one of the most important factors of becoming quality headphones: Dr. Dre’s name. If you want headphones to sell, you need to slap a famous rapper’s name on it. Forget Bluetooth headphones like the Bluetrak ST1; those sell about as well as Funkmaster Flex’s driving shoes. And you ...

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Element Push Deck Rides Like A Beauty

Remember that carbon fiber Element Push deck? We were impressed by the craftsmanship of the board, so the folks at Element sent us one to check out. Specifically, the Atchley Stealth. The precise manufacturing that goes into making this deck is incredible and I’m glad we got our chance to take it for a test ride. We’ve even got a ...

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Urban Performer Unit Brings The Pod To The Surface

Even if it looks a little too much like a purse to be completely unisex, as the designers claim it to be, the idea is a snazzy one. The Urban Performer Unit is a handbag with slick crystallized controlling, allowing you to operate your iPod from the Swarovski crystal laced surface. The crystals indicate the iPod’s functions, incorporating an emotional ...

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