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Untooned: Patrick Star In Real Life

Wow, Beldar Conehead has really let himself go. In this exceedingly creepy Photoshop job by DeviantArt user Brushcommander, Patrick Star from SpongeBob Squarepants comes alive, if that’s what you call this. Reality really is scarier than fiction sometimes. Link [via]

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Mr. Burns Untooned

There have been many attempts at untooning characters from The Simpsons, most of them are just exceedingly creepy and all-together unrealistic, but Martin Beyer crafted this portrait of a Mr. Burns bust, which seems to capture a happy medium between realism and themaniacaleccentrics of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant’s ownMontgomeryBurns. The full-fingered hand gesture, the evil grin, the jutting jaw, ...

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Real Life Untooned Popeye

How in the hell did he score a hot piece of ass like Olive Oil? Rick Baker composed this artistic rendition of what Popeye would look like IRL. *shudder* Scary. Link

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Untooned Real-Life Charlie Brown is Sort of Terrifying

I grew up with the Peanuts, even if they were way before my time. My dad had all of his old Charlie Brown comic strip books and I read through all of them hundreds of times. So, I was sort of well acquainted with Charlie Brown as a kid. Tim O’Brien’s untooned Charlie Brown shows what the wishy-washiest bald kid ...

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