Untooned Real-Life Charlie Brown is Sort of Terrifying


I grew up with the Peanuts, even if they were way before my time. My dad had all of his old Charlie Brown comic strip books and I read through all of them hundreds of times. So, I was sort of well acquainted with Charlie Brown as a kid.

Tim O’Brien’s untooned Charlie Brown shows what the wishy-washiest bald kid in the world would look like if he were a living, breathing person. The result, although terrifying, is ultimately just what you would expect. Good grief.


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  1. dear god, that’s just genius xD

  2. Genius, but terrifying 😀

  3. the wisp of hair really sells it. Hey, he’d probably really hit it off with this chick I know named Dora…

  4. I also love how far the eyes are from his mouth.

  5. It sort of looks like Dewey from Malcom in the Middle

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