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Nokia handheld concept has removable keyboard

A newly released patent reveals a new handheld device from Nokia which comes with a removable QWERTY keypad. The patent describes a UMPC device with dual touchscreens and a keyboard that sits on top of one of the screens until it is needed. They keyboard will slide out when needed for texting or web surfing. When the keyboard is removed, ...

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New Sony VAIO VGN-UX1XN brings in Windows Vista UMPCs

Remember when the UMPCs were first coming out and they were just a whole bunch of disappintments? Well, we have come quite a ways since then, and were are coming up to the next generation of these devices. Today, Sony has announced the VAIO VGN-UX1XN. It’s intention is to let users have a fully loaded mini-pc in their hands to ...

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Fabric Keyboard/Carrying Case for UMPCs

‘Smart fabric’ company Eleksen has created a prototype fabric keyboard that doubles as a carrying case for a UMPC. It’s nice to see alternative keyboards like this, because while computer technology has advanced in many other areas, keyboards have remained mostly static. The device consists of a network of sensors and wires sewn into a neoprene wallet-case. Steve at The ...

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