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Star Wars Tuxedo Shirt: It’s a Black TIE Fighter Affair

Alright, this really sucks. I was just invited to a wedding and of course it’s a black tie affair. The real problem is that I hate the way I look in a tuxedo. I look like a butler or a chauffeur or a bathroom attendant. I need something more suited to my personal brand of style. The TIE Fighter Tuxedo ...

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Oscillator Cufflinks Won’t Get You Laid

Looking stylish with those cufflinks made from electronic oscillators. Yes, those are real 25 MHz oscillators� that’ll keep your sleeves looking nerdy for just $10.� Etsy member digiBling hand-makes all of her electronic-inspired jewelry that’s guaranteed not to get you laid. Maybe you could interface these with your Arduino or something? You could have some sort of crazy Arduino top-hat ...

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Hello Kitty Goes Black Tie

Cartoon character branded clothing is all the rage these days, but this Hello Kitty-themed tuxedo really takes the trend to a whole new level. Design team Silly Things made the tux for Hong Kong’s Hello Kitty Black Wonder exhibition. It’s going to be on sale at the show and also in Colette boutiques. More shots of the Hello Kitty black ...

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