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Twilight Turtle Plush Planetarium

Plush toys have never really gotten any more elaborate than any other stuffed animal. Sure, you could get a plush re-creation of your favorite Pokemon or go with the creative Food Chain Friends, but a plush toy is a plush toy. Nothing more, nothing less. Now, if you coupled your average plush toy with a home planetarium, that would make ...

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What’s That Noise? Just My Kid Drowning

Not every kid can swim like Michael Phelps, though every kid ought to. Parents, we understand. Sometimes you just don’t feel like sitting around watching the kids splash the water from the safety of dry land. After all, if they aren’t winning Olympic gold, what’s the point? That’s exactly why you bought the Safety Turtle Wireless Pool Security System for ...

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Slow And Steady Wins The War On Drugs

Growing marijuana is a crime and that’s a damned shame. It’s no mystery that it’s a great pain reliever and can turn any award winning drama into a laugh-out-loud comedy. The war on drugs has always been a controversial topic in the realm of political agenda and the media. It’s only getting more controversial now that they’re busting growers with ...

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Remote Control Tortoise Beats The Hare

Crabfu’s latest creation, the R/C tortoise, offers a uniquely humorous way of control that makes for an enjoyable show of stumbling limbs. Using a four channel radio system, the user is able to control each limb with each axis of the transmitter stick. Basically, you can make this thing dance better than Patrick Swayze ever did. On top of that, ...

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