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Folding Skateboard

Now here’s a concept we can really get behind. A folding skateboard concept designed by Jin-Seok Hwang. Dangerous? Probably, but c’mon, it’s skateboarding. This would make it much easier to bring a skateboard with you on a bike ride and would allow you to chuck it in a backpack and roll out. Though it’d really suck for this thing to ...

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Ten Xbox 360 Tricks Microsoft Didn’t Tell You About

Techradar has posted ten Xbox 360 tricks that you may or may not have missed. Microsoft is never really straightforward with anything it’s ever done. I mean look at it’s new advertisement campaign. What’s going on there?� Regardless, check out these tips, you might find one you never knew about:

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R2 Fish School Kit: Teaching An Old Fish New Tricks

If you have a pet fish, you understand that they can become pretty boring after a while. They’re nice to look at when you’re in need of some relaxation, but other than that, we’re pretty much slaves to our fish masters, feeding them and cleaning up their shit as they deem fit. The R2 Fish School Kit is said to ...

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