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Campaign-O-Lanterns Scare Off Liberals And Conservatives Alike

Halloween is upon us, so we’re keeping our eyes peeled for some spooky home decorations that will surely scare the kids. What could be more frightening than pumpkin carvings of your favorite (or least favorite) politicians? Nothing comes to mind. These “campaign-o-lanterns” offer a slew of PDFs you can use to begin carving your political pumpkins. I don’t know about ...

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Anti-Theft Lunch Bag

Super kudos to whoever came up with this slick idea. Don’t want some hungry motherfucker eating your delicious McChicken? Grab some of these anti-theft lunch bags that have green blotches printed on both sides. This way, everyone will assume your lunch has gone spoiled. Boo yah! You could probably make your own with a non-toxic paint or coloring of some ...

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Tip: tackling worn-out Fast Port connectors on SonyEricsson phones

The SonyEricsson K750 and W800 are one of the most readily seen phones on streets nowadays, they’re pretty good phones really, the Walkman and camera both work reasonably well. The biggest problem with SonyEricsson phones is that the “Fast Port” (for charger/data/headset connection) is not the most well-designed, since you’re attaching everything to same port, it tends to wear out ...

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