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Inspiration For Being a Trekkie

What more inspiration do you need? A little too skinny for my liking, but who am I kidding, I’d trek it. While I’ve never really been a hardcore Trekkie (I know, I know, I claim to be an alpha geek yet don’t know the finer points of Klingon grammar. I’m so ashamed.) I think I would have been a tad ...

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Star Trek Enterprise Record Player

Always more of a Star Wars guy than a Trekkie, I still couldn’t help but shit myself just a tad when I saw this awesome Star Trek Enterprise Record Player concept. Had no one really thought about this before? Was there not a similar creation already in existence? It seems so clear! Inspired by the USS Enterprise starfleet from the ...

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Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener: Not For Use With Jolt Cola

Jim Beam me up, Scotty! Please excuse the horrible pun, but how many chances might I have to say that?� If you like mixing your Star Trek watching with a touch of the old nightcap, the Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener is the only proper way for a trekkie to pop open a brew. This silvery doodad is a great ...

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