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Flash Fun With Spiders (Arachnaphobes Beware)

Fancy spiders? Check out this creative piece of Flash animation. You can pull a spider around by its legs or just toss it about, making it your helpless victim for any torture you see fit. Still, no one wants to touch a real spider of that size anywhere but here, where the sky is the limit (actually it’s 255 pixels.) ...

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Pong Toss Doesn’t Quite Have A Ring To It

Remember that ridiculously stupid beer pong video Vince posted regarding the Nintendo Wii? Just when you thought your Wii might have a practical use, in comes the Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to stereotype Wii users as minors. Originally, the ESRB had given Beer Pong a T for teen rating, regardless of blatant alcohol references, making Bluementhal upset. With all ...

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