Pong Toss Doesn’t Quite Have A Ring To It

Remember that ridiculously stupid beer pong video Vince posted regarding the Nintendo Wii? Just when you thought your Wii might have a practical use, in comes the Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to stereotype Wii users as minors. Originally, the ESRB had given Beer Pong a T for teen rating, regardless of blatant alcohol references, making Bluementhal upset.

With all the controversy over a “drinking” game going to a system whose target demographic is children and childish fanboys, the developers of the game have changed the name of it to Pong Toss. Eliminating the alcohol reference has earned the game an E for everyone rating, which perfectly suits the old people and little kids playing on the Wii.


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  1. as a teenager myself, i can rightfully say that i’d rather pay out 60 dollars for a few cases of beer and maybe some bribe money for an adult to buy alcohol for me than to spend the money to buy this game.. secondarily, the goal of beer pong is to get the other team to get so drunk that they cant hit your own cups, so… this game would only improve the skill of the person playing, therefore getting the opponent more drunk, and when your opponent loses, they have to drink YOUR beer… so, if you’re good at getting the ball in the cup, you dont have to worry about getting drunk… that being said: teens will drink regardless of a videogame that none of them will play.

  2. Agreed, Ryan. As far as beer pong is concerned: only the losers win.

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