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Super Mario Pipe Lamp

Let your man cave brace itself. The Super Mario Pipe Lamp melds the joys of video game plumbing accessories and electricity. Water and electric. Not such a great mix.

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Mario Loves Those Shrooms

Though only a silhouette exists, my detective work tells me that someone going under the alias of “Toad” is dealing shrooms. Lots of shrooms. At $20 an eighth, these are going fast and I’m worried Mario might be caught up in the mix. Rehab? We’ve considered it. But then we wouldn’t feel so big and powerful anymore and that’s just ...

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Turn Your Roomba Into a Horny Toad

Mmm, I’m not sure how I feel about this “mod” for the Roomba. While the furry cover for the vacuum is welcome, the strange look this toad has on its face is somewhat like the Mona Lisa’s smile: creepy and mysterious. That’s probably ’cause it’s made with real glass eyes. I get the whole toad thing, but how come I’m ...

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