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Black Tissues

For the super elite, regular tissues will not do for coke nose. After all, how are you going to spot the white chunks of blow on a white tissue, save the mucus and blood. Thankfully, Japan has turned up a set of black tissues that not only look brilliant, they cost a small fortune as well. For $150, you get ...

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Mospeng-kun robot gives out free tissues to all

[ev type=”youtube” data=”hBBCcmw2nnA”][/ev] It might sound pointless, but Mospeng-kun, the tissue dispensing robot, seems to be a friendly addition to the workplace. Why they chose tissues to be the item given away is beyond us, but hey, it is Japan we’re talking about. The friendly Mospeng-kun detects the presence of a human life-form near by and then attacks…with smiles and ...

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