Mospeng-kun robot gives out free tissues to all

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It might sound pointless, but Mospeng-kun, the tissue dispensing robot, seems to be a friendly addition to the workplace. Why they chose tissues to be the item given away is beyond us, but hey, it is Japan we’re talking about. The friendly Mospeng-kun detects the presence of a human life-form near by and then attacks…with smiles and tissues in hand. The robot politely asks the weak human if they want a tissue for their organic fleshy parts which drip. Whether the person takes the tissues or not, the robot offers a robust thank you after the conversation is complete.

We can imagine Mospeng-kun becoming mighty annoying. “I told you for the last time I don’t need a god damn tissue”. The robot is available for rent for 100,000 yen ($825) for 5 days. You might think this seems like a hefty price, and it is. Now we know why it always has a smile on its face. Mospeng-kun is also capable of gathering information about the people they encounter. We guess to remember people that rudely refuse them so they can remember to crush them when they take over the planet. — Andrew Dobrow

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