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Spice Up Your Bathroom With Tetris Tiles

Tetris-themed items seem to be the latest trend in home decorating. We’ve already seen mirrors and ice trays shaped like the puzzle pieces from the classic video game, but now there are tiles that let you take Tetris into the shower. A British company is making Tetris Tiles that let you make multicolored puzzle patterns on the walls and floor ...

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Self-Adhesive Mirror Tiles

This one’s a no brainer. For $10, you can net twenty 4″ x 4″ squares that are one side sticky, one side mirror(y). At 50 cents a pop, that’s not too shabby. Imagine the possibilities with these fuckers too. Throw them on your ceiling above your bed and boom: shitty mirror sex. Or, if you’re lost at sea, just grab ...

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Rubik’s Cube Speaker Is Extremely Retro Looking

This 20.75″ squared speaker is not cube shaped just for the hell of it. The Rubik’s Cube Speaker is a very large model of the original geek puzzle toy, but is actually capable, well, very capable of amplifying your music to be almost as loud as the voices in your head. Weighing in at a massive 144 lbs., the speaker ...

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A solution for cold and clean feet after the shower

I hate getting out of the shower and throwing on my slippers, because then, my slippers are sopping wet, and seriously start to smell. Finally, a solution to the age old problem! Mat Walk integrates slippers and a bath mat into one, cozy gadget. The Mat Walk also keeps your clean feet….clean, by not having to walk across the dirty ...

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