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Elderly Superheroes: Kryptonite Isn’t the Only Thing Able to Defeat Superman

Being super doesn’t make you immortal. The superheroes from our childhood are starting to look a little older than we’d like to admit. Poor Superman has lowered himself into using a walker (hopefully not made of Kryptonite). Catwoman is fast asleep in her rocking recliner. The Hulk has withered into a hulking couch potato. Times they are a-changing. The elderly ...

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USB Hulk Smash Button Unleashes Your Inner Child, Bruce Banner

Check out this gimmicky Hulk-themed USB device offered by Marvel. It hooks up to your PC and allows you to activate screen effects by smashing the button with your fist. Sure, it’s all fun and games, until your boss comes by to see porn on your screen. That’s where this bad boy really comes in handy. It’ll lock your desktop ...

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If Iron Man And The Hulk Had A Love Child

As disturbing as the image of Iron Man and The Hulk fornicating might be, I want you to think really hard. What would their love child look like if the two superheroes were to mate? Does it look like the pictured figure, or perhaps more green? Iron Man fan Jin-Saotome created this action figure, which he calls the Hulkbuster Iron ...

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