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We All Live In a Yellow Submarine Wedding Cake

Inspired by The Beatles’ 1968 psychedelic animated feature, Yellow Submarine, which in turn was inspired by the song of the same name, Deviantart user Estranged Illusions created this awesome Yellow Submarine Wedding Cake. The cake itself was made using vanilla strawberry cake with strawberry filling, marshmallow fondant and white butter cream. All the frosting design was made using Color Flow ...

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Papercraft Can’t Buy Me Love

PeopleToo took on the responsiblity of recreating The Beatles in the form of papercraft. I’m sincerely sorry for posting about such an obscure band, but I couldn’t find any Meat Loaf papercraft. I tried, I really did. If you haven’t heard any of The Beatles’ stuff you really should. You might have to do some hunting to track down their ...

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The Beatles Deconstructed with a Flowchart

Anything can be deconstructed with a flowchart and almost everything has been. Today, it’s the Beatles’ turn. I still think Hey Jude is at least a little bit about the Holocaust. Come on, think about it. Jude? Jude! Hey Jude! Hey Jew! Heil Hitlah! I’m sick of the Beatles and their Nazi propaganda. Link

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Matryoshka Nesting Dolls Inspired by Your Favorite Rock Bands

Two things everyone loves: music and playing around with nesting dolls, combined into one ultimate gadget. These awesome Matryoshka dolls are inspired by your favorite rock bands including Korn, The Beatles, Blink-182, KISS and more. The set of nine nesting dolls was designed by Russian artist Pavel Kulinsky. Rock on with yo’ bad self.

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The Beatles: Rock Band Gets Additional Guitars

Thank god! I was worried that Harmonix wouldn’t be releasing a Rickenbacker-replica along with the upcoming The Beatles: Rock Band but my prayers have been answered! Check out these super sweet replicas of old 1960s axes. There’s the classic Gretsch Duo-Jet (my uncle has one of these) and a Rickenbacker 325 (I used to own a 330), both of which ...

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The Beatles: Rock Band Gets A Release Date

“The British are coming! The British are coming!” Those words are running through every Best Buy employee’s mind right now as they prepare both mentally and physically for the upcoming release of The Beatles: Rock Band. Thank goodness their label, Apple Corps, decided to go with the Rock Band series and not Guitar Hero. Better interface, better equipment and better ...

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