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Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 Teaser Trailer Released

No doubt about it, Batman: Arkham Asylum was one of the best games of the past decade. Batman’s ninja/detective skills were perfectly bent together to form an awesome action title. And now, here’s the trailer for Batman: Arkham Asylum 2! Apparently the Joker is back to his old tricks, causing mischief and mayhem in Gotham, as usual. Link

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Official Super Street Fighter IV Teaser Trailer

Capcom has released a neat little cinematic/fight teaser trailer for their upcoming game Super Street Fighter IV. The video features two fighters duking it out over a black background with funky white scribble blooming from the screen. While there’s no gameplay footage the trailer is pretty neat aesthetically.

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I’m in your MacBook, illusioning your optics

Is it a teaser for a new song, Baby Got Mac, or a new movie, Babies In A MacBook? Nope, just a new MacBook display illusion. MacBook display optical illusions are by no reach of the imagination a new phenomenon, though this specific one is. The nameless baby looks as though he is stuck in a MacBook, reaching with all ...

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New GTA IV artwork revealed

Well, that settles it then. The Russian guy shown in the GTA IV trailer seems to be confirmed through the newest cover of Game Informer magazine. After the release of the uber-hyped Grand Theft Auto IV trailer late last week, speculation was a brewin’ on whether the man featured in the trailer was to be the main character or was ...

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Sony NW-A800 Video Walkman: Rumor or reality?

There’s no telling what leaks are real and which are just hoaxes. Supposedly, the photo above is the first look at the Sony Video Walkman, dubbed the NW-A800. The Walkman is regarded as Sony’s answer to the iPod Nano except for its very superior battery life for video playback. Sony Germany has a teaser photo and count down which is ...

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