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Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Hola, fellow GEARheads. Just wanted to send y’all a personal message, reminding you that you can connect with us not only on Twitter, but even on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you guys so feel free to send us lots of good news. Also, please send me all of your coolest stuff. I want to see how awesomely ...

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Hooking You Up

Yo, peeps and fellow GEARheads alike. We here at Gearfuse want to hook you up. That is why we are giving you the lowdown on where you can contact us about reviewing your gadget, book, electronic, site, or service and send in suggestions and tips. Shout me a holler over at andrew [email protected] gearfuse.com. You to can have connections. Just ...

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A Few Crucial Thangz

What up fellow GEARheads. Your man Andrew here in the hizzouse, just giving you the low down on recent Gearfuse activity. 1.) With four days left in July, we’ve already passed our record month in page views. This is all because of you and your sexiness. So, thanks, from the bottom of our icy hearts. You’ve kept us beating out ...

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Wanna Be an Internet Celebrity?

Looking for your chance at internet stardom? Send us your geeky suggestion, creation or design to andrew [email protected] gearfuse.com for your chance to appear on Gearfuse. And just as a reminder, we’re giving away StickyTwit Twitter sticker packages to two randomly selected tweeters. To enter for your chance to win, all you have to do is tweet #Gearfuse. We’ll announce ...

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We Want You… To Appear on Gearfuse

We’re looking for awesome new gadget-y products, designs and services to check out, shout out and/or review. Want your stuff to appear on Gearfuse.com? Lemme take a look at it. Send your info or inquiry to andrew [email protected] gearfuse.com. This is not a paid review offer. We’re only looking for genuinely cool stuff, no strings attached. Also don’t forget to ...

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