Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Hola, fellow GEARheads.

Just wanted to send y’all a personal message, reminding you that you can connect with us not only on Twitter, but even on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you guys so feel free to send us lots of good news.

Also, please send me all of your coolest stuff. I want to see how awesomely geeky you are. Gotta geeky tattoo? Send it on over. Want me to review your geeky product? Shout me an e-mail. Just want to rant about something I said? No problem… pop an e-mail over to andrew -@- gearfuse.com. I’m looking forward to hearing from each and everyone of you. Seriously, all of you… NOW!

About Andrew

Hey Folks! Myself Andrew Emerson I'm from Houston. I'm a blogger and writer who writes about Technology, Arts & Design, Gadgets, Movies, and Gaming etc. Hope you join me in this journey and make it a lot of fun.

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