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Edward Scissorhands Attire

When you invent a time machine in the year 2094 and travel back to the year 1990, the first thing you’ll want to do is attend the premiere of the Tim Burton classic, Edward Scissorhands. You’ll be able to catch a pre-Pirates Depp and Winona Ryder right as she was turning into a hottie. But more importantly, you’ll be able ...

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The Revolution Will Be Fabulous: Prepare For Zombie Attacks With Style

So you’ve got your stylish Urban Security Suit locked and loaded in preparation for the next full moon but what sort of artillery power can the fashionista use to prepare for the next zombie attack? Peter Gronquist has the answer with his “The Revolution will be Fabulous” fashion designer weapons. Why use a standard rifle or chainsaw to slice through ...

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YUBZ Makes The Wireless Become Wired

Cellphones are getting so small these days that you totally lose your cool factor by having your phone be so inconspicuous. I, for one, want people to know that I have an awesome phone. If you feel the need to draw some attention to your mobile life, YUBZ has created an old-style telephone receiver to add on to your cellphone. ...

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The IZAT Wearable Tent: Perfect For Line Camping

The next time you and your buddies decide to line camp for weeks on end in an attempt to score the latest hot product or event ticket, be prepared with the IZAT (Immediate Zip Aid Tarp) Wearable tent. Whether you are wearing it as clothing, using it as a shelter, or linking them together to form larger structures, the IZAT ...

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BenQ MusiQ player: for midget sized geeks

Don’t let the disguise fool you! These dog tag shaped pieces of metal are more then just for decoration around your local gangsta’s neck. The BenQ MusiQ takes the idea of the shuffle portable media, and makes it a fashion statement (or a nice prank to play on your military unit. “Man down! What’s the officer’s name? BenQ MusiQ? Hey….What ...

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