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Siphon A Gas Tank With The Constructable Drinking Straw Kit

Ever want to drink from two different drinks, simultaneously? Shouldn’t be too hard with a constructable drinking straw kit. The rubber connector pieces come in several leak-proof designs so you can construct all sorts of abstract drinking mechanisms. At $14, much fun is to be had constructing a gas tank to gas tank siphoning kit. Who says you need to ...

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Sippy Mask Sucks Some Face

Resembling a hazmat mask made of bubble wrap, the Sippy Mask looks about as comfortable as a deep prostate exam and has a usage which is equally vague and nonexistent. But how can you go wrong with a face covering straw? The Sippy Mask is also said to glow under a black light, which makes midnight sipping a glow-in-the-slightly-dark experience. ...

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