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Armpit Ads That Stink Of Bad Ideas

Hey look, it’s Hayden Christensen! And he’s got an armpit TV. Is there anything that young man can’t do? Wait, what? Oh. I’m getting word from the boss-man that that’s not Hayden Christensen. But that is an armpit with a display. What a bummer. Deodorant manufacturer Right Guard has created an armpit-based method of advertising in London which it’s calling ...

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Stink Tree Table Is Broken

Five pieces of wood stuck together yet divided by a fissure and you call it the “stink tree?” This outlandish hippie coffee table was designed by Dylan Gold who says, “Don’t spill your drink.” My response? Don’t construct a table with a fucking crack in it. It would be like a chalkboard with a gap in the center which can’t ...

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