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Crazy Uncle Ballmer to Speak During Jobs’ Keynote at WWDC

Calling Ripley’s Believe or Not! Warning, warning, this is not a drill. Steve Ballmer is in the hizouse. CEO of Microsoft, now the second most valuable tech company in the U.S. (the first spot was just recently overtaken by Apple oddly enough), Steve Ballmer is allegedly scheduled to have a 7-minute chunk of speaking time during Steve Jobs’ keynote at ...

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Joke of the Year: Microsoft Asks Apple To Be More Open

Aahahahahhsshsghadfhdhskjgaorghia9reygoihjfajowfjvazjsb aahahshdhahahdahahahahaha. Can you believe it? Microsoft, the fuckers who have made Windows forever and never make shit open-source are now calling for Apple to be more “open”. Says Steve Ballmer, douche supreme, says ‘”I agree that no single company can create all the hardware and software. Openness is central because it’s the foundation of choice.”‘ Bahahahahahahaa. Sorry, sorry. I’ll ...

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Microsoft Unveils Official Windows 7 Beta

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer used his keynote at CES to deliver some exciting news about Windows 7. As of today, the beta will be available for download and installation from MSDN and other sources. The files will be available for download starting tomorrow, January 9th. Says Ballmer of the occasion: �I�m thrilled to announce the availability of the Windows 7 ...

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No More Zune Phone!

Not that it mattered, but Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has gone on the record stating that the company has no plans to build a phone Zune or otherwise. Instead, Microsoft is going to focus on it’s Windows Mobile platform which makes perfect sense. He also mentioned that the Zune software will be ported to other devices, including Windows. Does anyone ...

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Crazy Uncle Ballmer Caught On Stage With MacBook

First Steve Ballmer publicly called his beloved Windows Vista platform an “incomplete product“. Now he’s been CAUGHT within yards of a MacBook Pro on the same stage in which he happens to be giving a presentation! Okay, so the story goes something like this: Mr. B was scheduled to give a keynote presentation for Microsoft in Louvain and one of ...

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