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Awesome Steampunk Headphones Don’t Actually Work

Here at Gearfuse, we love seeing all the cool Steampunk twists people put on regular products. Sadly, this awesome set of Steampunk headphones that you see pictured above is actually just a non-functional model. A guy from Chicago who calls himself Nicrosin made this “Mechanical Aural Communication Device” as a prop with “sculpey, rubber, and… various pocket watch parts,” the ...

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Casio’s Steampunk Watch

You’ve got your Steampunk shoes, cane, and even the Steampunk gas mask, so why not complete the look by getting yourself a Steampunk watch? Casio’s G-Shock line of timepieces is wildly popular for its funky modern styling, but the new G8100A-5 uses bronze-colored aluminum and rubber to create a blend between high-tech and retro that’s bound to be irresistible to ...

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Reebok EXT-LUX Collection

So you’ve spent all weekend working on your latest steampunk outfit. You have the helmet, the walking stick and even the pooch. You and your posse are ready to take the world by storm…except for one thing: your shoes are lame. Those blue Nike Air Force Ones aren’t going to make the cut for your outfit. Lucky for you, Reebok ...

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Steampunk Taxidermy: Bambi’s Revenge

What if Bambi was part robot? Oh, and stuffed. This stuffed fawn has been given the Steampunk treatment with metallic editions added on to make it look like Bambi from the future. We can see it now. Bambi 2, where the new robotic fawn strives for revenge on the hunter that killed his momma, only to be killed himself and ...

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Steampunk Case Mod Remains a Mystery

The coolness of this case mod is plain to see, but what it actually does or who developed it remains a mystery. It appears that the case features an elaborate cooling system and a series of gauges that provide information on various processes like temp and CPU usage, but other than that all we have is plenty of pics–many of ...

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Steampunk Guitar is shred-a-rific, one-of-a-kind, and…FOR SALE!

Up until now, we really hadn’t seen any steampunk made gadgets that rocked our world quite as much as this Steampunk guitar does. Not only can we look at The Villanizer guitar through pictures, but the guitar is being auctioned off on eBay starting this Sunday! There’s more gears and crap hacked together here than anyone can imagine. And one ...

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