Reebok EXT-LUX Collection

So you’ve spent all weekend working on your latest steampunk outfit. You have the helmet, the walking stick and even the pooch. You and your posse are ready to take the world by storm…except for one thing: your shoes are lame. Those blue Nike Air Force Ones aren’t going to make the cut for your outfit.

Lucky for you, Reebok will be releasing a new line of shoes in Japan on Friday, July 18th. While everyone’s out seeing The Dark Knight, you’ll be picking up the sick new EXT-LUX edition Reebok Insta Pump Fury shoe. Your friend will score the Pump Omnilites and before you can scream “Airship!”, you’ll be adding bolts and rust to these kicks in an effort to give them the authentic steampunk look. More coal!

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  1. These aren’t steampunk, just ugly. this site fails.

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