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LEGO Stargate

Its chevrons really glow and its parts really move. But there's one thing missing. This model could surely use a Daniel Jackson minifig.

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Pyramid HTPC Casemod

The Egyptians built pyramids for a reason. Number one, the pharaohs forced them to at whip point. Two, they look fucking awesome. It seems the designer of this Pyramid HTPC casemod got his hands on a few Egyptian slaves. I wonder how much they go for these days. Inspired by the pyramids featured in Stargate, the HTPC includes an Intel ...

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Zombie Wedding Cake Topper and Other Ways to Ruin a Marriage

Wedding cake toppers are the first image of the wedded couple in holy matrimony. Often, toppers are used to represent the personalities of the couples. So of course, there are a multitude of geeky wedding cake toppers, including this rad zombie topper. Check out a few more geeky toppers after the jump.

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Stargate Coasters: Search the Warmhole For a Decent Cup of Coffee

How many universes does a man have to search through to find a decent cup of joe in this joint? These Stargate Coasters provide you with easy access to Gou’ald and Replicator coffee cafes. It’s just our luck that the best coffee can only be found in enemy alien coffee shops. Warning: there is a clear disclaimer warning that the ...

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