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My Wife Left Me Because Of My Cardboard Star Trek Models

I thought I was really into Star Trek.? I have every episode from the original series and TNG as well as many articles of clothing and a beer bottle opener shaped like the Enterprise.? However, Bob Prior’s passion and fanboy-ism for Star Trek far surpasses my own.? He’s created Star Trek replicas from Rice Krispies boxes. From Kirk to Picard, ...

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LEGO Mosaics Found On Etsy

I’m all about Spock. Which is the main reason why I was attracted to these LEGO mosaics. They come in many different flavors including Star Wars, Mad magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman and even Adam West as Batman. Etsy member Motion5 sells these works of art for prices ranging from $50 to $400. He also takes high resolution shots of his ...

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DJ Spock Rocks The Enterprise

DJ Spock knows how to lay down the hot beats. As publicity stunt for the release of Star Trek Seasons 1, 2 & 3 on Amazon.com, CBS put this ad online that shows Spock, from Star Trek, hanging with Kirk on the Enterprise while mixing up some Vulcan rhythms that are so fly, your ears will turn pointy. Bust out ...

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Spock’s Spacesuit for sale on eBay

Star Trek fans will be happy to know that the original Star Trek movie’s Spock Spacesuit is up for grabs on eBay. The spacesuit was featured prominently in the Star Trek first movie when Spock leaves the “Enterprise” to perform a mindmeld with the “V’Ger Probe”. The suit itself has a interesting display of ridges and rivets over the knees, ...

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