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Telesound Speaker Translates Emoji Into Sound

Most people who own a smartphone know what emojis are. They're the little smiley pictures you can send your friends that sometimes show-up on your phone as Asian characters (no, not Mr. Chow from The Hangover or Oddjob from James Bond.)

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Emoticon Stamp Keeps You Smiling

There’s just no getting around it. Emoticons have become part of the the international vernacular. Emoticons span the language barrier and allow for coy communication across any culture. It’s amazing that we don’t find little winky faces in ancient cave paintings. The Emoticon Stamp from Kaoiro allows you to mix and match your favorite punctuation marks to create up to ...

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Emoticon Shower Curtain: Is This Considered Voyeuristic?

As long as you don’t mind dozens of eyes watching you shower, this Emoticon Shower Curtain is a hell of a way to geek up your bathroom a bit. Emoticons are becoming a new language all their own. Might as well brush up on your grammatical skills while you wash your balls nuts testicles hair. Sorry to send you to ...

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Nothing makes the weekend better than a hot chocolate on a cold night. Keep it cheery with this Smilecup from Studio Psycho. Hit the jump for more smiles.

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USB Neon Sign Makes Your Desk Look Like A Bar

Much of the atmosphere of a bar is set with the dim lighting and bright hue of neon lights. There’s something about that contrast that is alluring. The USB Neon Sign allows you to have your own neon goodness right on your own desk. The sign is available in three designs, including the @ symbol, a smiley face, and of ...

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