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Gigantic Water Play Slide: Inflatable Mobile Fun

In the spirit of really large and cool shit for the summer, check out this Gigantic Water Play Slide from “ridiculously expensive stuff” extraordinaire Hammacher Schlemmer. Part 16-foot water slide, part water fort, the Gigantic Water Play Slide includes a bouncy center play gym and a mountain climbing-like stair experience. All for the (super-cheap, OMG) price of (only?!) $9,000. Chump ...

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The Titanic Was Just One Large Fun Slide

You have to imagine there was at least one psycho guy on the Titanic on that fateful night, that just thought the whole thing was a blast. Now we all have the opportunity to relive the fun incident that was the Titanic disaster. The Titanic Adventure Slide is 33 feet high, with a 50 foot slide for making the long ...

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