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Google Maps Zombie Outbreak Simulator

The Zombie Outbreak Sim lets you witness the gradual zombie takeover of a Washington D.C. suburb. Users can create their own custom zombie infestation settings, changing the speed of the infection’s spread and even the speed of the zombies themselves. It’s sort of like Sim City meets Fallout 3 and Resident Evil. Link [via]

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Full-flight Simulators For Rich Rookie Pilots

I know a lot of you out there are nuts about flying. It’s an expensive hobby, but someone’s got to do it. How else would I be able to get to Bangladesh? If you’re crazy about flying and I mean straight loony about it, then you won’t be afraid to learn how to fly all by yourself. Just kidding. No ...

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Disappoint Your Daughter With The Ridemaster Pro Simulator

If you’ve grown up with young women in your household, you’ve more than likely have heard one of them begging Santa or the super flying Rabbi for a horse or a pony. Santa will usually assure the child that he’ll do his best but when Christmas comes along, there is no horse under the tree. The little girl loses all ...

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