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Amazon Kindle 2 Has Hidden SIM Card Slot

We haven’t been talking about the Amazon Kindle 2 a lot. Know why? Because everyone and their mother has been talking about it. Jeff Bezos was even on The Colbert Report shilling his new eBook reader. Interestingly, though, when the boys at iFixIt cracked open a brand new Kindle 2, they found a surprise waiting inside. See that circled area ...

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Unlock Your T-Mobile G1 In 30 Seconds

Love your shiny, new G1 phone but don’t want to stay bound to T-Mobile? No problemo. The team at Love For Biz discovered you can unlock the G1 yourself in little to no time. Here’s how it’s done: 1. Insert friends activated T-mobile SIM into G1 along with battery 2. Power on and wait for setup screen 3. Go through ...

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Universal SIM Unlock Card Plays God

With iPhone 2.0 on the horizon, everyone’s buying up what 1st-gen iPhones are still available. If you manage to score one and don’t use AT&T, you’ll have to jailbreak the phone. Instead of relying on conventional unlocking methods though, why not give the Universal SIM Unlock Card a go? As the name implies, this is indeed a SIM card that’s ...

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