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Control Gadgets With That Beautiful Punim Of Yours

The next time you’re shopping for jock straps at the mall, be on the lookout for guy or girl with the messed up face. I’m not talking about some huge tumor hanging off of a chin here, I’m talking about people who have the latest Japanese accessory for controlling their iPod. It’s called the Mimi Switch and it allows the ...

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A Giraffe Lamp

Know what’s hilarious? A giraffe. Spots, silly animal, big tongue, long neck. Yeah, sounds like an awesome creature to me. Why not make a lamp that pokes fun at a giraffe all while paying equal tribute? Wait, where’d his head go? I don’t know but all of a sudden I can insert a fluorescent bulb into a socket. Let there ...

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“And She’s Calling Me, On That French Fry Phone”

RECORD EXECUTIVE: Biz, we need a new hit. Any way you can integrate McDonald’s into it? We get a check every time you mention french fries. BIZ MARKIE: OK OK, I GOT IT! How about we take some fries and merge it with a phone and shit, and then next thing ya know, you got the french fry phone! REC: ...

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