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INFLU Flu-Collector Mask Encourages H1N1 Infection

Contracting the H1N1 swine flu virus seems inevitable. I’m not one to play God, but I like to be in control of all situations. In other words, I’d rather infect myself with the swine flu and know when I’m going to be infected than have the virus spring up on me unawares. The INFLU Mask increases the chance of getting ...

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18-year-old Responsible For False Jobs Rumor

Steve Jobs is dead. Steve Jobs is not dead. Steve Jobs is sick. Steve Jobs is not sick. I’m sick of this shit. Clearly, Steve Jobs is immortal and all this news of his demise is a load of cow dung. Who makes this crap up anyway? The SEC tracked down the little bastard responsible, who just so happens to ...

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