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Innocent iPad Executed by a Shotgun in the Name of Monetary Gain

At least it didn’t feel any pain. FreeTaxUSA used the death of an innocent iPad to advertise their services. While death has been used for self-promotion before (hell, look at most political ads), never have I seen such a blatant use of gore and bloodshed used so lightly. FreeTax shot an unsuspecting iPad with a shotgun slug for their own ...

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Emergency Zombie Kit: Just In Case

Since you never know when an infected zombie monkey is going to escape from his cage and bite an unsuspecting experimenter, it’s always better to be safe now, than sorry (and in search of brains) later. The Emergency Zombie Kit comes with the bare essentials for surviving a zombie onslaught. Included is a machete, for close combat, a shotgun, for ...

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Take A Load Off, Mr. Van Damme

Here’s a chair fit for a Marshall. Alexander Reh’s chair is called Fully Loaded and features a steel frame with 12-gauge shotgun shells. Not only does it look great, but you could easily use it to defend yourself in a hostage situation. And by hostage situation, I’m talking about how you kidnapped the Domino’s guy and the police have been ...

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Golf Ball Launcher, a new way to justify wearing that ugly plaid outfit

At first look, the Golf Ball Launcher looks like an oversized badass shotgun, manned by some Rambo-esque figure. Though, with much of the tech product world, first looks can be deceiving. Despite its dangerous appearance, it is actutally a new tool for one of the less violent games. This golf ball launcher attached to this mullet-donning man’s hands is actually ...

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