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Shark Attack Sleeping Bag: Sleep with the Fishes

The great outdoors is typically not a friend of us geeks. First off, there’s no electricity, which means no internet, no phone charging, no morning cartoons and most importantly, no charging of our vibrating butt plug. And if that’s not enough to deter you from a camping trip, there’s the fact that geeks seem to be bug magnets. It must ...

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Infuse Your Tea With Jaws

Da nah. Da nah. Da nah na nah na nah na nah na nah na nah na nah na nah. VIOLINS! Put your tea in this fin-shaped diffuser. Blood will trickle out and let other swimmers know that this is your turf. You like your humans with Earl Gray, which is understandable for a shark. And should you want to ...

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Shark Fin Ice Tray Brings Thrills, Chills To Your Drinks

Have $8 sitting in your wallet? What good is it going to do there? Do yourself a favor and spend your hard-earned cash on these Shark Fin Ice Trays. They help you create fin-shaped cubes of ice that you can later put into your mixed drinks. Guests at your Hawaii-themed party will go apeshit and absolute bananas when they see ...

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