Shark Attack Sleeping Bag: Sleep with the Fishes

The great outdoors is typically not a friend of us geeks. First off, there’s no electricity, which means no internet, no phone charging, no morning cartoons and most importantly, no charging of our vibrating butt plug. And if that’s not enough to deter you from a camping trip, there’s the fact that geeks seem to be bug magnets. It must be something in our perfect genes that attracts mosquitoes to our blood.

But if we must go slumming in the wilderness for a few days, lord knows we’re going to do it in our own unique style. The Shark Sleeping Bag by Kendra Phillips lets you ease off to dreamland comfortably within the grasps of a stuffed shark’s jaws. You’ve already got your kids wearing a Shark Attack Hat, might as well join the party.

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