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101 Weapons For Women: Where Cactus Meets Groin

“101 Weapons for Women: Implement Weaponry:�A Unique Concept in Women�s Self-Defense” explores different ways that woman can use household objects to ward off the average neighborhood rapist, including shoving a cactus right into the unsuspecting perpetrators groin. We’re confident that author Rodney R. Rice is comfortably living off of the royalties he made from this masterpiece. See? This is why ...

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Pocket Knife / Ruler Combo Allows You Measure Your Stab Wounds

In this cut-for-cut world, where every average gangster and granny is packing a blade, you’ve gotta defend your own. This Pocket Knife / Ruler combo gadget lets you not only do some serious stabbing, but lets you easily measure your stab wounds on the way to the hospital. Doctors always love it when you come prepared. Link [via]

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Blast Knuckles Protect Your Hands and Face, Privates

Don’t fancy yourself a real-life Ryu? Scared that with every corner you turn, a mugger lies waiting to kick you ass and take your money? Time to man up. Get a pair of these Blast Knuckles for $50. Aside from the clever pun, these fuckers will shock your opponent with 950,000 volts of power. Yes, nearly a million volts. In ...

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End Table Defense System For The Warrior Class

For all of the people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, this is the perfect home security option. An end table that breaks down in to a blunt weapon and wooden shield that’s perfect for fending off home invaders or orcs. James McAdam created the Safe Bedside Table in an effort to aid the thousands of people who ...

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