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MEGASCREEN: The Name Makes Perfect Sense

You can go and envy Mr. Rich Man while watching his 70″+ plasma TV through the window of your local mansion. See how proud he seems of his accomplishment? All of these years of work, so he can enjoy a TV. Only if he knew that his measly 70 inches are dwarfed by the humongous MEGASCREEN! A TV so large ...

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TV screen for those who want to crash their cars

This is perhaps one of the most dangerous designs we have seen for a while: TV screens on the sun visor at the driver’s seat. It is only meant to be used when you are not driving, or it’s for the person sitting next to the driver. Depending on what’s playing there, it can be very tempting to glance at ...

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The Neonode 2 is born

  Swedish company Neonode has started this online market campaign for their highly anticipated tiny smartphone a while ago, and just a few hours before 3GSM opens, they finally showed us a real picture. All we know from the official details is that the Neonode2 is 70g and 77mm tall; but rumors are floating around that the device will be ...

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Toshiba 911T phone partners Oakley: W-VGA screen, digital TV, HSDPA, A2DP, 3.2MP cam, 1GB flash

Softbank announces today their strongest ever multimedia phone, the 911T manufactured by Toshiba. This slider houses a 3″ W-VGA screen (480×800 pixels) in its 17.9mm thin sliding body (4mm thinner than the Toshiba W52T slider, 51x112x17.9mm 142g). The phone runs on Softbank’s 3.6Mbps HSDPA network, receives One-Seg digital TV service, comes with Bluetooth A2DP profile so you can connect your ...

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Neurok Optics iZ3D takes gaming away from the boring 2D monitor

Game developers and hardware manufacturers have been trying so hard all of these years to achieve a realistic 3D effect. They have constantly been improving the quality of the 3D images we see. But there is some inherent problem to all of this: we are viewing the content on a monitor, which is a 2D surface. Only a plane, a ...

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Optimus Mini 3 can now connect to each other, so what?

We all know that it’s beginning to fall into the world of vaporware. It’s the list of products that never appear, the Gizmondo is such an item. The Optimus Keyboard. The supposed full OLED, full color keyboard that has recently been announced to cost around $1,200. If that is the true price, not only will the creators not make any ...

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