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My Wife Left Me Because Of My Cardboard Star Trek Models

I thought I was really into Star Trek.? I have every episode from the original series and TNG as well as many articles of clothing and a beer bottle opener shaped like the Enterprise.? However, Bob Prior’s passion and fanboy-ism for Star Trek far surpasses my own.? He’s created Star Trek replicas from Rice Krispies boxes. From Kirk to Picard, ...

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Scotty’s Still Reaching For The Stars

Following the failed space funeral of Star Trek actor James “Scotty” Doohan, his son told BoingBoing that portions of Scotty’s ashes will continue to be launched into space until they finally enter orbit. Scotty’s ashes were lost aboard the SpaceX rocket that spun out of control last weekend, but space burial company Celestis keeps “backup supplies” of their customers remains ...

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