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Steampunk: Veritas Dovetail Gang Saw

Leave it to Joel over at BBG to find the world’s most badass hand saw. It’s called the Veritas Dovetail Gang Saw and it costs a whopping $212. But you have to think about it for a minute and analyze the need for this saw. If vampires or zombies ever come after you, you’ll be prepared with three sharp blades, ...

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Dude Cuts Car In Half to Fight the Law

Don’t go pissing off Ian Taylor anytime soon. The Tredworth native has sawn his car in half with an angle-grinder after law enforcement put a boot on his car. Taylor claims just a small part of his back tire was sticking out of the driveway and was on the sidewalk, which is what prompted police to fine him. Not happy ...

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Your CD just cut through wood! New CD player concept design

While this CD player won’t chop your hand off, it sure looks like it could. This concept for a CD player features the actual spinning CD as a design feature. By having the CD partially exposed, you can really see how quickly they get spinning. Back to the saw idea, it looks as if it has cut through the piece ...

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