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Human-Powered Mobile Treadmill Keeps Up With A 350Z

This is just hilarious. Even more so than the World Of Warcraft treadmill race across Azeroth. It’s a human-powered mobile treadmill by Alex Astilean. Technically the equivalent of a large hamster wheel for humans, this mobile treadmill will have everyone in the park giving you funny looks. Just be careful not to hit anyone. With the momentum this thing could ...

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With These Shoes You’ll Always Collect $200 When Passing Go

There is little selection of footwear that are cooler than high-tops. When Reebok high-tops are fashioned with a Monopoly board design, even Rich Uncle Pennybags can’t resist dropping a money bag to rock these bad boys. Set to be released around the same time as the Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition, these high-tops with dice patterned laces make ...

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Jump Bike Running Powered Bicycle

Earlier this week we discussed the two proper ways of traveling through the eyes of a environmentalist, biking and walking, which happened to be merged into one gadget of awesomeness with the Walking Bike and its sneaker wheels. This time around, we have the yin to the Walking Bike’s yang, with the Jump Bike. Instead of relying more on ...

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Want to look like a 8-year-old? Rollies complete the job.

Have you seen all of the little kids running around stores and then stop running, but they continue in the direction they were going at the same speed? If so, they were wearing some shoes that have rollerskate type wheels in them. Maybe you don’t have these shoes, or maybe you don’t want to pay the extra $30 for the ...

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